Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Progress Report

I've painted 15 'small arms' stands, each with three figures armed with AK47s, or pistols and LMGs. These are all generic FAPLA/UNITA (and at a pinch FNLA).
Another ten or so Cuban 'small arms' stands are in the pipeline. I'm painting roughly a third of the figures as white troops as I believe the majority of Cuban troops were black. Most of the figures are wearing helmets - I'm using the modern Command Decision middle eastern regulars.

Painting is going slowly as I've been away from home quite a bit over the past couple of weeks with work but the important thing is to maintain progress. Reinforcements arrived last week in the shape of a parcel from Peter Pig - some lovely GAZ jeeps, recoiless rifles, vehicles mounted machine guns, an AA gun, crew figures and seated figures. These are all for technicals. I got a couple of packets of casualties in helmets and caps. There were also three of the mighty URAL trucks to supplement the BTR 60s I bought from Command Decision.

I've ordered the South Africans from Peter Pig - Centurian tanks, Elland Armoured Cars, Land Rovers and Toyota Pick Ups, Buffel APCs, and a selection of Professional figures in hats, as well as some helmeted IDF and Vietnam War Australians. The latter will pass for South Africans and will add variety to the figures.

Peter Pig IDF Snipers

Peter Pig Vietnam War Australians

Peter Pig AK47 Range Professionals

I have a month's holiday coming up from 23 December and I think I have plenty of vehicles and figures to paint or on order to keep me occupied for that time.

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