Saturday, 21 April 2012

3rd November 1975: Task Force Blue Attacks

FNLA Troops begin the push on Luanda

FNLA troops, spearheaded by a battalion group led by Anglo-Irish mercenary Carlo Shannon, finally launched their attack on Luanda on 3rd November 1975.

Although Shannon's leading elements were only 35 km from the capital he was correct in anticipating a tough fight. The military wing of the MPLA, FAPLA, had been organising increasingly effective resistance and the fighting was bitter and confused.

By the second day of the attack, any semblance of front lines had disappeared as the protagonists fought in what could only be described as a free for all. Mobile units on both sides attacked and counter attacked, only to be cut off and ambushed. 

FNLA column reacts to MPLA ambush

Our next game in 'War for Slow Readers' will attempt to re-create this episode of the struggle...

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