Thursday, 16 August 2012

Falklands Project Introduction

Corporal 'Dobber' Dodd off on a nice walk to Teal Inlet...

I have considerable ambivalence about gaming the Falklands War

Aside from the fact that a number of my contemporaries fought in it, I'm uncomfortably aware this short victorious war cemented Thatcher's second election victory and gave her Government the confidence to take on the miners.

The war is fascinating nevertheless, and as time has passed the jingoistic tub thumping has been replaced by what passes for a more considered analysis in the literature.

Also, I can't ignore the black humour - as exemplified by Private Eye's spoof 'Sun' front page. Apparently Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie's response to the 'Kill an Argie and win a Metro' strapline was 'why didn't we think of that?'...

So, I've been painting up some paras and marines in 20mm from Platoon 20, FAA and Stonewall miniatures as well as some Argies from for them to fight.

Pictures to follow.

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  1. Platoon 20 makes some awesome looking Brits for that era, good choice!