Monday, 17 September 2012

MJ Figures 20mm Argentinians

A bit of a plug for this outfit. I've painted up a couple of packets of their figures as Paras and very good they are too - crisply moulded and well proportioned. I particularly like their command figures, including the signaller, and the chap with the Bren gun and the fetching moustache.

I've been after some of their Argentinians for a while but missed out when I placed my last order so I was delighted to see they were back in stock when I surfed into their site last week .

I immediately ordered two packets plus a packet of British officers (I thought these would make good FOs and I alos have a cunning plan fro some scenarios involving protecting senior officers from marauding Buzo Tacticos...). I especially wanted these guys because they have a bloke armed with a bazooka and I wanted to give my Argentinians something they could use against Scorpian or Scimitar light tanks in addition to their Recoiless Rifle and anti-tank mines.

MJ Figures 20mm Argentinians
I got home from work today to find an envelope with the figures sitting in my mailbox - less than seven days from placing the order online and I live at the other side of the world! So, well done MJ Figures for first class service.

Checking their website just know I see that the 20mm Argies are no longer up - probably sold out again. This company really have a winner with these figures, I encourage you to order some if you're building an army of little fascists fighting in southern seas...

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  1. Thsoe look so cool! Back when I was doing the Cold War I took those into consideration to be some 1960's-1980's Canadians, but they will probably still look good when you paint them for the Falklands!