Wednesday, 12 December 2012

True and Happy Newes from Fiddler's Bottom

Vpon Wednesday last Colonel Grimstone marched towards Chester with his Army, being in number 900 Horse and not not above 2000 Foot, and at his comming thither our gallant Sir Alexander Ferguson stood in opposition against him, where Colonel Grimstone caused his men to discharge so fast, insomuch that there began a great skirmish betweene them, holding for the space of two houres: Colonel Grimstone with his Forces began to retreat, and at that time the Colonel lost 300 men, and Sir Alexander 200 men. The said Colonel Grimstone was put to flight, to the great hurt of his Masters Cause, and he hath already spoiled his name amongst them. This Newes was sent to this scribe upon the Saturday last, which signified that the Kings cause is not lost, and that more men are marching to his banner. Sent in a letter from the Honourable Sir Alexander.


  1. England rejoices at the news. Soon Cromwell will be defeated and Charles restored. Such is the might of the Engagers, truth and god.

  2. Well hardly, there was much smiting of the main body of the Scots and lots of making them stubble to the Ironsides' swords at Winwick shortly after the fight at Fiddler's Bottom. Now it looks like Charles Stuart, that 'Man of Blood' is heading for a show trial...and not a moment too soon...

  3. More like Grimstone will scuttle of Holland when Charles marches on London.