Friday, 22 February 2013

'We interrupt this programme...' 1 May 1981

'Reports are being received form West Berlin of an outbreak of violence in the Communist Eastern part of the city. The traditional May Day military parade was called off earlier today after rioting broke out in the East German Capital.'

'Details are sketchy but all border crossings into East Germany have been closed and residents in West Berlin say they can hear gunfire across the wall that separates the city.'

'Sources at NATO headquarters in Brussels say that they have indications that all leave has been cancelled for Soviet troops stationed in East Germany and that Soviet armoured formations have left their barracks and are on the move.'

'It is unclear whether Soviet troops are being used against civilians. One West German citizen who was amongst the last to leave East Berlin before the border was shut says he had travelled from Leipzig to Berlin before crossing to the West at Checkpoint Charlie' and there were 'disturbances' in both cities.'

'Allied soldiers in West Berlin have been put on alert. East German border guards are very much in evidence on the Berlin Wall in 'higher than usual numbers''.

East German Border Guards Patrolling the Berlin Wall

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