Sunday, 10 March 2013

Once Upon a Time on the Steppe AAR

Well perhaps not so much on the steppe but rather amongst the farms, woods and orchards of the district around Belgorod...

The above picture shows the Red armoured train 'Proletarian Hammer' about to roll across the table to pound the White troops in preparation for a Red cavalry thrust on one of the objectives in our game.

Also visible are some Red infantry, assembling at their start line in readiness to advance on the small hamlet (and objective) that can be seen in the right background. Unfortunately for them, a unit of White officer cadets are going to beat them to the objective.

The game ended in a Red marginal victory after they secured two of the three objectives and managed to destroy a White militia unit. The armoured train did dominate the battlefield, despite the best efforts of White aircraft and on and off table artillery. Nevertheless, it was a good game, with plenty of action until the high casualty rate on both sides led everyone to start to seek cover and dig in.

So the spearhead of Denikin's advance has been blunted. For now.

We used an adapted form of Peter Pig's AK47 Reloaded rules that I've christened 'Comrade Komissar!'.

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  1. Can't beat an armoured train to perk up an already good game.

    Kind regards, Chris