Monday, 26 March 2012

A Few Little Extras

A couple packages arrived this week that will help keep the momentum going in War For Slow Readers.

Firstly, a 1cm:20km map of Angola, courtesy of Cartographia and The Book Depository. Up to now I've been relying on an atlas and computer generated maps. It's good to have an old fashioned map I can spread out on the kitchen table and plot the movement of the factions that are fighting over Angola in late 1975. I think I'll get this map laminated then I can mark on the position of the various troop formations as the war unfolds.

Secondly, some odds and ends from Peter Pig. Colonel Blanc, shown above, who I think may make an appearance as Colonel Cat Shannon, the British mercenary commander of Task Force Blue, fresh from his successful coup d'etat in Zangaro. I've a few other bits and pieces to paint up before TF Blue makes it onto the table, namely some Cuban T34/85s and a MiG 21 as it seems increasingly likely that the Cubans will intervene decisively as independence approaches - with or without the assistance of their Soviet allies.

If that occurs then we're probably in for a long war. And that will provide opportunities for Mr Arms Dealer to make a buck.

Here he is with his henchmen. I can see some scenarios developing as he crosses into Angola from neighbouring Zaire or Zambia in his Mercedes saloon with a convoy of trucks loaded with AK-47s. To whom will he sell the mechandise to however?

Of course, if the war does escalate and the Cubans and Soviets get involved then the presence of foreign troops is bound to attract media attention, just at it did in early 1976 when the notorious 'Colonel Callan' made it onto the front page of our newspapers and onto the TV news.

The South Africans may allow in Western journalists in an attempt to win the propaganda war. Or Havana may do the same, seeking to discredit the US and South African intervention and bolster their own case for stepping in on the side of the MPLA. If either of these moves are tried I'll need at least a couple of camera crews to bring the action to our TV screens at home so I've bought the appropriate pack from Mr Pig.

Things are a bit hectic at work over the next couple of weeks so I'll be lucky if I get a game in before Easter and painting and modelling looks like being out of the question. There's plenty of WFSR goodness to getting on with though with the aid of my map and notebook so keep checking in.

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