Thursday, 22 March 2012

South African Paratroopers 'Invade Angola'

The Guardian 27 October 1975

Reports from Southern Angola indicate a South African troops have attacked the town of Menongue, some 300 km from the South West African border.

The Cuban government alleges that South African airborne forces were parachuted into Menongue two days ago and captured the town's airfield. According to Havana, a South African armoured column linked up with the paratroopers 24 hours later.

'The colonial government is due to leave Angola on 11 November and the Cuban people have been rendering fraternal aid and assistance to their Angolan brothers and sisters in the People's Liberation Movement of Angola (MPLA) as they prepare to lead the Angolan people to freedom. This attack by the racist Pretoria regime is proof that South Africa is bent on imposing its will on the peace loving people of Africa,' said a Cuban government spokesman.

Pretoria has confirmed it has troops in Angola. According to sources close to the South African Government the South African Defence Force has been carrying out limited operations to forestall  communist terrorist activity inside Angolan territory.

An Anglican priest in Capetown, Father John Wilson, has confirmed that a family in his parish has been informed of the death of their 19 year old son, a soldier in the South African Army, 'on active service', earlier this week.

The Soviet Union has formally protested to the South African Government and a further protest has been lodged with the United Nations Assembly by the East German Ambassador to the UN.


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