Friday, 6 July 2012

Langley, Virginia: December 1975

'Jesus, what a mess!'

'Stockwell did warn us sir..'

'Yeah well, fat lot of notice we all took'

'The South Africans have been cooking something up with Savimbi in Huambo province sir...'

'Where the hell's that Epstein? Christ, I couldn't find the goddamn shitty country on a map six months ago and now it's the biggest clusterfuck since Saigon...'

'Here sir. They've been training UNITA to operate as a stay behind guerilla army as the Cubans advance to the southern border. They've even managed to do a deal with the Bulgarians to get hardware for Savimbi.'

'The Bulgarians? I thought they played for the other team?'

'They do, seems they'll sell their grand daughters for greenbacks and apparently the President's son in law did a deal in Vienna through his mistress to sell a stack of small arms and ammunition to a dealer that was fronting for BOSS'

'Sounds like our kind of guy..'

'Yes sir, he's a Dutchman that has connections in Pretoria...'

'I meant the son in law Epstein'

'Er..quite sir..'

'Anyway, there's a freighter bound for South West Africa with the arms on board.

'Great, so what do they want from us?'

' sir'

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