Saturday, 7 July 2012

London December 1975

'You wanted to see me sir?'

'Yes Callan, this is the chap I told you about, he's recruited 400 mercenaries in the past four weeks'

Do we have a name sir?'

'Fletcher, ex-Para as you can see. Extensive service in Northern Ireland, including Bloody Sunday. He's not like most of them, he can organise. He served with Watson, who is still in Angola, as far as we can tell'

'Watson? He was with Shannon?'

'Yes, and he's ours Callan'

'Ours? Since when?'

'The beginning, he's SIS'

'Oh great! So we have an SIS agent serving with a bunch of cut throats in Africa?'

'Never mind about that Callan. Contact Fletcher and investigate his operation. I want a report by Monday morning, to the same level of detail as the job you did on Shannon'

'Bang goes the weekend then sir?'

'Never mind about that Callan, just do it!'

'Cost you sir, that's overtime that is...and expenses'

'Callan, just get the job done, and get out!'

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