Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Reports of Royalist Defeat at Hazelhurst

'Newes from divers sources of the shedding of much malignant blood in a fight at Hazelhurst. The river Perch is said to be red with the blood of the King's men who were slain as they tried to wade across it. Our gallant soldiers did shoot them down and smite them with their swords.

Borchester is once more safe for our great cause and God is smiling upon us...'

bloody river trees roots picture and wallpaper


  1. Indeed, Roundhead pamphleteers are reporting a great victory for for Parliament. Indeed, Dighurst's defence of the Perch was so successful his captains are now pressing him to take the offensive. As the remains of the Royalist army was last seen scattering across the snow covered fields, Dighust could well secure all of Borchester with ease.

  2. You could be right...I'll write up a more comprehensive AAR when I get a chance.