Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mobilising the troops

This is the photograph of the 'greens' of the Command Decision 15mm African Irregulars supplied on the Old Glory website. I've a packet of these as well as a packet each of the African Irregular Command & Support Weapons; Middle Eastern Regulars; and Middle Eastern Command & Support Weapons. The latter are helmeted and, mixed in with the irregulars will represent Cuban and FAPLA troops.
The figures are disappointing at first glance, at least in comparison to the Peter Pig range, but I think they'll paint up well and are a relatively cheap way of massing 200 or so figures. I also have half a dozen each of T-55s and BTR 60s from Command Decision.
The next task, apart from painting up these, is to order technicals, URAL trucks and other odds and ends to make up a Cuban/FAPLA army.

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