Saturday, 26 November 2011

RPG Stands Painted Up

Here are my first efforts at RPG stands.

These troops could be Cuban, FAPLA, FNLA or UNITA - although I think the FNLA had more NATO type kit - G3 rifles and LAWs etc.

I've deliberately painted these guys up in a variety of khaki and olive drab and camouflage clothing as I think that an army that spent any time in the field would quickly lose any uniformity. I'm not sure about the bases - I used a textured paint and model railway ballast and painted this with acrylic terracotta paint then drybrushed with acrylic sand before adding Army Painter tufts and static grass. I wanted to give the impression of dry ground and red earth. It's growing on me - no pun intended.

More to follow- I'm working on 14 small arms bases over the next few days. 

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