Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Walk After Dark

'Tom, your on again tonight. Fighting patrol in platoon strength - probe as far as the Hacienda and engage any hostiles, hit 'em hard and get out fast. Get back before 0600. Password is "gintrap.". Leave a section behind but take an extra Gimpy.'

'Any word on enemy activity?'

'They've gone quiet. The SAS think the the Argies are losing their bottle - there seems to be the odd mining party out but no aggressive patrolling.'


'Not us again Corp...we were out last night...what's this patrol for?'

'It's the army Higgins, if we're sent on a patrol we're going on patrol, and that's it...there doesn't have to be a reason. Give Baz in 3rd section your rifle, you've got a Gimpy tonight.'

'What? Christ, they're heavy them things...'

'Shut it - or you'll be on point as well'

'Bloody hell...'

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