Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ireland 1649...

Mercurius Politicus this Seventh Day of February 1649 A.D.

Newes from Ireland that the malignant Ormonde hath made his peace with the Papist host and that the malignants Periwinkle and Dudhope hath made their way to Dublin town. and are getting arms and men to make mischief against the Common Weal...


'Hell's teeth Periwinkle! Where in the name of God does one find a decent flagon of wine in this accursed country?'

'Hold fast Sir, we have been here but a week and their is much work to be done...'

'And no drinke to be had alas!'


  1. Sir, it must be pointed out that Sir William Dudhope is no malignant. He has done sterling service in foreign enterprises for the mercahnts of London and has a long history of service in the Protestant cause. Further sir, of late he has done solid service for Parliament. Suggestions that he is in service with the Rebels in Ireland are nothing but scandalous. Clealry it has it's heart in a Papist campaign to doubt on Sir William's character.