Thursday, 12 January 2012

August 1975 Moscow

'Castro wants us to do what?'

'Provide airlift facilities for 450 Special Forces troops to fly from Havana to Luanda Comrade General'

'The Central Committee will have a fit - they're obsessed with detente. Why now? What's the hurry?'

'The Cubans allege the South African move into Angola won't stop at the Cunene river, they believe South Africa is getting covert assistance from the Americans. They also believe the CIA has sent money and weapons to UNITA and the FNLA'

'And what's the MPLA doing?'

'They are holding the cities, Comrade General but appear to be losing ground in the south. The northern border is under the control of FNLA troops. There are unconfirmed rumours that Mobutu has sent a couple of battalions to the border with the Cabinda exclave.'

'Can Neto hang on?'

'We don't know Comrade General. He may be exaggerating his difficulties...'

'And Castro wants to play at being his saviour...using our'

'Quite possibly Comrade General'

'Recommendation to Central Committee Anatoly, refuse the Cuban request. If Castro wants to go on a crusade in Africa he can get there by himself.'

'Yes Comrade General'

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