Saturday, 14 January 2012

SADF Build Up

I've spent the last week painting dozens of SADF infantry and vehicles and here are some of the results:

Full marks to Peter Pig - these are lovely figures. I'm really pleased with the results. All figures were spayed matt black as an undercoat and after painting in the faces, hands and arms with Vajello Dark Flesh and dry brushing the hardware with Vajello Gunmetal Grey I painted the trousers and jackets/blouses Vajello English Uniform (which I reckon passes for SADF 'nutria') and the webbing Vajello Khaki. The helmeted figures had their battle bonnets dry brushed khki as well. A 25% brown acrylic ink wash did wonders to shade the figures and after varnishing with matte acrylic the job was done.

This week I'll do command figures, weapon crews (HMGs, mortars and RRs) an vehicles and crews.


  1. So the good guys are progressing well then!

  2. Those look really really good! I am planning on getting some SADF forces for a fictitious Cold War campaign sometime in the near future.
    Love the blog, by the way.

  3. Thank you. I must admit I'm more sympathetic to the causes of the MPLA and SWAPO than the Army of Apartheid and that can be a problem when it comes to getting motivated to paint. These figures were easier to paint than the generic MPLA/SWAPO figures though- a plain uniform is a doddle compared to a camouflage pattern. I recommend Peter Pig figures too - they were much better sculpted and cast than the Command Decision guys.