Thursday, 19 January 2012

Progress Report

I've finished painting the SADF/32 Battalion/Portuguese mercenary weapons & crews - HMGs, RRs and mortars. I'll post some pictures over the weekend. I'm particularly pleased with the camouflage uniforms and will note the colours I used here before I forget. Undercoat was black, then a base coat of Vajello Khaki, then patches and 'swirls' of Vajello  Camouflage Dark Green, then the same of Vajello Flat Earth. I painted the webbing olive green.

All I have to paint now are 16 'dead markers' i.e. figures and base up this week's work.

I've ordered some objective markers from Peter Pig - a destroyed T34, T55 and a Mercedes saloon as well as a few buildings from their AK47 Scenery Range. These should arrive in the next week or so.


I've also ordered some buildings from Timecast - shanties from their SE Asia range which look like they'll do equally well for Africa. This should give me more than enough buildings to represent a small town in rural Angola. As an experiment I've ordered a 15mm village of 'round grass huts' from Paper Terrain:

Round Grass Huts
This should provide all the buildings I'll need for the short term. I may have a go at making some generic damaged modern city blocks should the campaign move into Luanda - the South Africans or FNLA might get there in late '75 or early '76.
As far as figures and vehicles are concerned I have more than enough to play some test games. I have a few odds and ends of terrain to get but I'm on track to play my first game in mid February.
I'm tossing up whether to buy a few T34s for my Cuban/FAPLA army - I know these featured in some of the early battles and I'm definitely buying some SADF Ratel ICVs from QRF  for when I start gaming the '80s. Aside from that I fancy getting some odds and ends from Peter Pig like the Mr Arms Dealer, Media Crew and civilians (both rioting and peaceable) as I can use these for some scenarios I have in mind.
Back to work next week so progress on this project will inevitably slow but it's been a productive month.

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