Thursday, 26 January 2012

Training to Win

Cuban Instructors Training MPLA Cadre
'The training is going well Comrade Colonel, but I fear that time is not a luxury we have'

'Elaborate Major'

'We have small arms and equipment to train enough cadres to wage a guerilla war on a scale sufficient to successfully take on the FNLA and UNITA. My fear though is that, because our strength is in urban areas like Luanda, we'll end up fighting a conventional war. For that we need heavy weapons, armour and artillery. Even if we get them we aren't going to have enough time to train the men to fight with those weapons. UNITA is getting stronger and the FNLA is starting to probe in the north. If the South Africans move on Benguela we'll be fighting a war on three fronts. It looks bleak.'

'There is no prospect of heavier weapons being supplied. Things will have to get much worse before we commit to anything drastic. Your comments are helpful though. Write me a report - I particularly want hard information about UNITA. Where they are active and some assessment of numbers. In the meantime, keep running the programme - the more trained men we have the better.'

'Yes Comrade Colonel'

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