Sunday, 29 January 2012

Callan Reports

'So Callan, what do you have for me?'

'Shannon left on the midday flight to Paris sir, he had a busy few days. As you instructed, I arranged for him to be kept under surveillance. I also took the opportunity to meet him.'

'You did what? That wasn't part of the plan - why on earth did you do that?'

'Well sir, I reckon that if someone is recruiting mercenaries and we want to know all about that the best approach is to be a prospective recruit isn't it?'

'Go on Callan'

'I called on of his partners mentioned in the file, the South African Dupree. I explained that I'd served in the Paras and that I was experiencing some difficulties in my personal life and an opportunity to earn some money abroad would be most welcome. Dupree was a little suspicious at first but I said I'd called the Camberly number that Banks was using and he struck me as a dreamer, but that he'd mentioned Dupree was in London. I told Dupree I'd got his number from an old comrade. Dupree didn't give me Shannon's name or number, just told me to meet him in a cafe in Kensington. I met them both. Dupree just introduced Shannon as his employer - no names, no pack drill. I explained I was looking for work and they told me they might have some in Africa.'

'Anything else?'

'Shannon called me yesterday. He said that he may have some work for me in about four weeks and was my passport up to date. I've also got some information from the surveillance - it's in my report sir. I reckon he met 30 blokes like me last week. If he takes on half of that lot and he's doing the same in Paris that's starting to be a nice little private army.'

'Hmmm...yes. Good work Callan. I'm going to have to think about this'

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