Friday, 25 May 2012

Angolan Independence Day 11 November 1975 0200 hours HQ Cuban 201 Composite Brigade

'Hey Raul, where's Colonel Mendoza?'

'He's asleep, he said to wake him if anything important happened, que bola?'

'This is important, Sanchez has just called in. The bridge at Cassolalata is down, he and his boys got there 30 minutes ago'

'Well that helps, if the bridge is down the Boers are stuck'

'Yeah, but we need that bridge for the counter-attack. Martinez and his tanks should be there tomorrow night.'

'Anything else?'

'Sanchez says the Boers are on the other side of the river. He doesn't know their strength yet but he can hear engines'

'Hmmm...I'll wake the Colonel. Sanchez will have sent out patrols, tell him to let us know the Boer's strength as soon as he has an idea.'

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