Friday, 4 May 2012

The Circus London 5th November 1975 2000 hours

File:Bristol Britannia 318 CU-T670 Lima 04.72.jpg

'This gentlemen, is a civilian airliner operated by Cubana Aviation. Those of you who are interested in these matters will recognise the aircraft type, a Bristol Brittannia, built here.

This particular aircraft was photograhed yesterday when it touched down to refuel at St John's International Airport in Newfoundland. This was not a scheduled flight but  the Canadians suspected nothing untoward. The Cuban flight crew were insistent that the aircraft be refueled and that none of the 139 passengers on board be disembarked.

Unfortunately for them, one passenger developed appendicitis on the flight from Havana, hence the need for medical services to board her. The gentleman concerned was disembarked and admitted to hospital. He is a corporal in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, specifically a para-commando unit of the special forces. The rest of the passengers were his comrades. Their destination was Luanda. They arrived early this morning.

Corporal Marquez is in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery'

'Jesus, how many...'

'This was the third of three flights that used St John's. They've only got three of these planes.'

'Were they armed?'

'Thankfully no, the whole affair is embarrassing enough as it is. Langley is going berserk. A Cuban freighter docked in Luanda a few days ago. Reports are there were enough arms on board to equip a division.'


  1. So we can assume some Cubans will be deployed shortly, including heavy weapons. Clearly you have been painting again...

  2. Yes, I picked up 5 x T34/85s last week and have started painting them today. Thiey'll be be disemabraking from the Cuban ships in Luanda over the next few days...