Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sofia, Bulgaria 12 November 1975; 'Yes Comrade President'

Sofia 1975

'You're going to have to slow down, my head is beginning to hurt, tell me that again...'

'I'm sorry Comrade President, we've had a communication from the Soviet Security Services. Apparently, they have information that implicates your son-in law's mistress in brokering a deal to supply weapons via South Africa and Zaire to enemies of socialism in Angola.'

'My son in law has a mistress?'


'I wouldn't have thought the spineless bastard had it in him...Angola you say? I have to admit I couldn't have found the place on a map until all that fuss when Castro sent his boys in...Gromyko nearly burst a blood vessel...heh...what kind of weapons?'

'AKs, RPGs, mortars...'

'All stuff we make here?'

'Yes Comrade President'

'Hmm...and traceable?'

'I'm afraid so'

'How did they pay for it?'

'US dollars, cash in advance'

'Oh well, at least something good came of it. So now we have the Russians and the Cubans to answer to?'

'It would appear so, Comrade President'

'Well, someone's head will have to roll and my daughter won't let me shoot her useless husband, although with any luck she'll do it herself once she hears about the mistress...bring me the file and arrange a meeting with our comrades from the Soviet embassy.'

'Yes Comrade President'

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