Sunday, 20 May 2012

Battlefront T34-85s

It's taken me over two weeks to paint five of these, as I've been travelling a lot with work. I've also managed an evening of DBA games and an afternoon playing a 1641 battle between Irish rebels and the Dublin Government using DBR. Two weeks is still a long time though.

If the T54/55 is the VW Beetle of the Cold War given it's ubiquity then I think the T34 qualifies as the VW Beetle of World War II and the immediate post war era.

I painted these up as generic T34s in Russian Tank Green without distinguishing markings. The red earth basing is more typical of Africa but could be just about anywhere. Many of the Cuban troops that fought in Africa were black but I painted the three crew members in this little troop as whites so they could be Russians if I ever use the tanks in a European setting. They could, at a stretch, be North Korean or Chinese I suppose.

I'm happy with how they turned out and I like the way Battlefront supply them with different bits of stowage.

All that reamins is to get them off the dockside in Luanda and into action in the defence of the Angolan Revolution...

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