Friday, 4 May 2012

Moscow 8 November 1975 Red Square Parade to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Revolution

'What the fuck is Castro doing?'

'It appears he's doing he wants Comrade General Secretary...'

'The Americans are getting very twitchy. I have no intention of letting that tropical socialist jeapordise detente'

'Yes Comrade, I agree and you know that is a view shared by us all. What we've found with the Cubans is that they are usually very discreet about their little adventures...'

'Landing in fucking Canada with a battalion of spetsnatz? call that discreet!'

'Most unfortunate Comrade...'

'Unfortunate! Get Gromyko to tell Castro to stop at once!'

'I fear it's to late for that Comrade General Secretary...Castro has announced that the whole of his merchant marine has been mobilised in the service of the Revolutionary Armed Forces so they can...ahem... "fulfil their international duty in Angola'

'Bastard! Is he deliberately trying to provoke the Americans?'

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