Tuesday, 21 February 2012

23 October 1975 Somewhere in Southern Angola...

'The old man wants us in Lubango by tomorrow night. Now the kaffirs are out of the way he thinks we can push through easily'

'Those kaffirs at Cahama were no pushover- our kaffirs were shit'

'Cahama was defended by Cubans...but there aren't many of them and they don't have any armour'

'Says who? There wasn't supposed to any resistance on that bridge but look what happened...'

'They didn't stick around though eh?'

'Yeah, well you better be careful if you're on point...they didn't mess about'

'Come on, you know me...first sign of trouble I'll back off and hit them hard with the 90mm...let the troopies do the dirty work'

'So what's the first stop?'

'Here, this junction - Chibia. The photographs show it here...and here. Usual shithole of a place. The troopies can clear the houses - don't get caught in the backstreets eh?'

'Okay, get some sleep - I want you alert in the morning if you're on point'

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