Monday, 13 February 2012

D minus 6...

D Day for my first game is this coming Sunday...

I completed all the Peter Pig and Timecast buildings, nine in total, last weekend and spent an hour or two on Saturday making 15 Grass Huts using Paperterrain's card models. I bought 23 Woodland Scenic trees  ready made and some Battlefront desert escarpments. My local wargames supplier tells me the small desert hills I ordered are no longer available so I have a large and an extra large desert hill on the way. Together with the escarpments this should provide more than enough hilly terrain.

Before Sunday I have to buy a big enough piece of oatmeal coloured 'teddy bear fur' to provide my (long grass covered) battlefield, and enough sand coloured felt to allow me to make templates of area terrain - wooded and built up areas. I have plenty of roads and rivers, a  wooden bridge and a swamp/marsh.

I'm away with work later this week so I'll have ago at painting up a couple of objective markers before then, although I'm not overly worried if I don't manage them.

My thoughts for the first game are to pit a mixed South African/FNLA column against outnumbered MPLA troops 'stiffened' by Cuban intsructors defending a bridge. In other words, the sort of action that Task Force Zulu would have undertaken in my counter-factual Operation Savannah.

I'm not going to worry too much about points values or the AK 47 Assets system - it'll do to focus on movement, shooting, close assault and morale.

So, slot a banana clip in your AK 47 and climb aboard the Toyota...


  1. I hope the film crews and reporters are ready to record the event. I look forward to reading the Sunday news over a cup of tea to find out what has been happening overseas.

  2. As always the BBC will endeavour to have their man (or woman) on the spot...