Sunday, 19 February 2012

Havana 20 October 1975

'He's coming north....'

'Are you sure Comrade?'

'Of course I'm fucking sure...Sanchez is one of our best...he was mano a mano with them. They're there...they've got armour, regular troops the fucking works...'

'Calm down, the Chief wants to be sure...he's talked to Moscow, there's nothing doing - they won't give us any planes for an airlift.'

'Listen Comrade, my men are bleeding over there - they stopped the bastards and now it's time for us to show the world that means something...'

'What do you need?'

'Everything...rocket launchers, artillery, MiGs...we can do it, we can stop these bastards for good...'

'And our friends in Moscow?'

'Fuck them Comrade, they're old and scared...this is our time...'

'I'll do what I can, don't go away, I'll call you tonight.'

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