Saturday, 18 February 2012

D minus 1: Cahama

18 October 1975 2100 hours

'Good evening gentlemen, at ease.

Tomorrow morning we're going to secure the bridge at Cahama, codename POOR MAN. Aerial reconnaisance indicates there is minmal FAPLA presence in the village itself, an understrength company, and they have no transport. The village is codename BEGGARMAN.

Speed and aggression will the key to taking the objective. Our FNLA mobile detachment will storm the bridge at first light. FNLA Zulu Company will outflank the village to the east via this ford here. The river is low and the ford shouldn't present any problem. Alpha Company will approach in support via the kraal to the west. Bravo Company is in reserve and they have a detachment of Ellands from the recon battalion to provide some firepower if we need it, which we won't.

This is a silent attack gentlemen, we want to hit them hard before they wake up.


Thank you, kickoff is at 0600. Andre, can I see you after this?'

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