Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chibia AAR

The battle at Chibia was fought using the AK47 Reloaded Rules and pitted a 416 point force of South Africans against 396 points of FAPLA troops led by a Cuban cadre.

The South African force (all regulars) consisted of:

Recon Company

3 x Eland Armoured Cars with 90mm (Standard) Guns
2 x Landrovers with HMGS
1 x Landrover with RCL

A Company

6 x stands Small Arms
3 x stands LAWS
Buffel APCs with HMGs as carrier allowance

B Company

4 x stands Small Arms
2 x stands LAWS
Unimog Trucks as carrier allowance

FAPLA had:

1st Company (Regular)

6 x Small Arms
3 x RPG

2nd Company (Regular)

6 x Small Arms

Anti Tank Platoon (Militia 'stiffened')

1 x Small Arms (Professional)
3 x RCL (Militia)

Cuban Mobile Detachment (Professional)

3 x GAZ Jeeps HMG
3 x Gaz Jeeps RCL 

We used the 'determined assault' rules for deployment and victory conditions. FAPLA started the battle with one understrength Company dug in in Chibia and the Cuban HQ deployed in dense bush outside the township. All South African troops were committed although some didn't arrive in time (this was the effect of the AK47 'reserves' system)

The most spectacular event was the successful ambush by the FAPLA anti tank platoon.

Burning landrovers can be seen in the left foreground. FAPLA infantry are dug in the buildings and the RCLs of the anti-tank platoon can be seen in the buildings across the road.

In the immediate foreground the remnants of the Cuban Mobile Detachment can be seen.

In the far background a burning Buffel is all that's left of 9 platoon.

The engagement ended in a decisive victory for FAPLA

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